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Marwan Naji as The Scientist in Rogue Warfare

In Rogue Warfare Watch Clip

Coming soon! Watch out for the Scientist!!

Rogue Warfare Trilogy Directed by Mike Gunther @5150 IMDB

Marwan Naji as Detainee #1 in Camp X-Ray

In Camp X-ray Watch Clip

An eye opening Indie drama w/Kristen Stewart

Based on True events IMDB

Marwan Naji as Detainee #1 in Camp X-Ray

In Roach Watch Clip

Check me out in this agonizing journey

Roach touches on Rendition, still widely used. IMDB

Still from Sugarbabies

$ugarbabies Watch Clip

Written and Directed by Ari Dassa.

HSFF Official Selection. Two girls pursuing their dreams get mixed up with the wrong people. IMDB

Marwan Naji Naija Standup

Con$equences Watch Clip

Web series developed by Tony Tambi

A web series about reformed internet scammers; targeting immoral people. IMDB

poster for

Santos Snaps Watch Trailer

Written and Directed by Marwan Naji

A soldier returns back from war in an unstable mental state. IMDB

Marwan Naji as Rahid in 55 and 7

55 and 7 Watch Trailer

A short film by Ari Dassa

This awesome short will be part of a feature film in 2019, Circular City. IMDB

Marwan Naji on the Discovery Channel series Blood and Power

Blood and Power Watch Clip

Yup I was made into a Cartoon!

Egyptian throat slash. A sacrifice must be made to please the gods IMDB